A better way
Despite just comprising a small part of the overall ad spend, we believe we have a role to play in tackling the issue and can be part of an effective, holistic solution.

This has worked successfully in the Dutch city of Amsterdam where authorities introduced a whole system approach that included:

  investment in education campaigns
✓   dietary advice
✓   exercise and sporting activities for kids

The data showed a 12% reduction in childhood obesity rates between 2012-15.


We are determined to achieve the same effect here in the UK.

We believe there is an appetite for such an approach. When asked, Londoners were split about the effectiveness of a blunt ad ban in reducing childhood obesity. Other interventions, however, were seen to be much more effective such as:

  opportunities for kids to engage in physical activity (77% effective to 14% ineffective);
✓  nutritional education in schools (68% to 22%);
✓  a healthy living campaign programme designed together by industry and Government (47% to 37%).

Learning from this, we have worked together as a sector to create an evidence-based Collaborative Model which has been at the core of notable successful anti-obesity campaigns around the world, such as in Amsterdam.

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