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About us

The ‘Get Smart, Outside’ campaign has been created by Outsmart, the UK trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry. We represent over 90% of the sector, including the biggest sellers of outdoor advertising in the UK.

We make a significant contribution to the UK economy.  The Out of Home industry:

• Supports 4,500 jobs across the country, directly employing 2,700 people.

• Contributes £463m to the economy by installing and maintaining public infrastructure, paying business rates, public rents and revenue share agreements with authorities plus staff and contractor salaries.

• Donates over £15m to support charities and local communities

PwC estimates that in 2017 the UK OOH industry created benefits for society in three areas:

PwC have not conducted a full economic or environmental study measuring the total ‘net’ (positive minus negative) benefits to the UK economy and local environment