Our Collaborative Model
We believe that the power of advertising should be harnessed to promote healthy lifestyle choices for kids as the centrepiece of our Collaborative Model, with business and public authorities working together, rather than pitted against each other, to tackle the problem.
Healthy Living Advertising Space

Our contribution would be to donate unsold space to marketing campaigns that promote healthy lifestyles, nutritional advice or increased physical activity.

The value of this space would be worth up to £15m a year.

Amsterdam’s example has shown that this is a proven technique to reduce childhood obesity – it is also popular with voters and does not cost the public purse anything.

Other Measures

In addition to voluntarily donating significant advertising space to partner authorities, we would be happy to discuss a wider package of other measures with relevant authorities, including:

✓  voluntarily adopting additional advertising guidelines
     on children’s food preferences

✓  Imposing advertising restrictions on multi-buy HFSS promotions

✓  Extending our voluntary “schools exclusion zone”

✓  Promoting a healthy lifestyle tagline message on HFSS advertising

If you are interested in working with us on our Collaborative Model to harness the power of advertising to support healthy kids’ lifestyle choices in your area, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here